Sometimes, you plan for a year or two to strategically sell your home, but sometimes you wake up realizing “I need to sell my house fast!” as the military sends you unexpectedly cross-country. Whatever your situation, Isbell Real Estate can help. We are with you every step of the way, no matter what your situation is.


Deciding to Sell

The first thing to do when deciding to sell is to evaluate why you’re selling. Your reasons may affect your timeline, asking price, and flexibility, and having a solid idea of this before you start the process will help relieve stress down the road. 


Selling your house affects your investment portfolio, annual taxes, and credit report. Preparing financially by speaking with your financial advisor, tax attorney, investment manager or estate planner can help you keep everything in order for your future.

Finding a Realtor

When it’s time to find a realtor, you want a professional who specializes in your neighborhood; someone with creativity, networking skills, and the ability to hang a “Sold” sign in your yard. While many real estate companies offer some of these, we are realty experts for Killeen. 

Accepting Offers

Once you accept an offer, don’t delay! A home sale is a legal contract, and your agent will help make sure you’re complying with any paperwork deadlines.You can trust us to answer any questions you might have, and to always give you professional advice.

Inspections & Appraisals

Your buyer’s financial institution may contact you for additional disclosures, so be prepared and with any documents necessary. You should also expect some final home inspections depending on your house’s age, history, or by request. We will guide you through any unexpected requests. 


There is some final paperwork that needs to be completed on closing day to finalize the legal aspects of your home. We are experienced, and keep you up to date and on track until the final signature is on the final line.


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Our Guarantee

Whether you are looking for a home or are looking for someone to care for your home while you're away, we guarantee that the process will be easy, affordable and at a quality you deserve.

We work hard to provide you with the best property management and leasing services, and promise you'll feel at home with the Isbell Property Management family! Let our team help you find the place you want to live, and the home that fits your life.